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high-risk-auto-insurance-1High Risk Life Insurance is a simple task for a good life insurance agent. Most agents prefer to deal with "healthy" clients. At Pryor Financial, we prefer to deal with High Risk individuals. That is why we are High Risk Life Insurance Specialists. We Specialize in securing high risk individuals the best available life insurance in the marketplace.

High Risk Life Insurance is a tender subject in many American homes. Today there are more than 24 million people diagnosed with Diabetes. As a matter of fact, Heart Disease, Cancer, and Obesity are at an all-time high. Here at True Life Quote, we take pride in helping folks obtain policies. is exactly what is says; we provide a "True" Life Insurance quote. We call it "Life Insurance By Design".

We prefer to deal with High Risk Life Insurance clients!

Life Insurance By Design is the only way to purchase life insurance. Myself, and a staff of agents, work with the client from start to finish. We take the extra mile to find the best company for you and the best rate available in the marketplace. Regardless of your condition, we are prepared to help you secure coverage for you and your family.

"High Risk" could also result in a person's vocation or hobbies.  Just to name a few, sky diving and hot air ballooning is considered high risk to a life insurance company.

They Are Not All The Same: Life insurance providers look at each risk differently

How To Get Coverage

Apply To More Than 1 Company

Applying to more than one company increases your chances of approval

Allow The Agent To Give Advice

Many of the clients we deal with have a particular product in mind such as Term or Whole Life Insurance when they call us. Oftentimes, due to the health condition, we know what type of coverage will be approved.  With budget in mind, we find you the best bang for your buck in the marketplace.

Be Honest

We will do a "Field Evaluation" on each client over the phone.  It is very important that we get all of your health information. We communicate with underwriters daily to determine a safe "Rate Class" to give you an accurate up-front quote.