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What Factors Affect Burial Insurance Premiums?

When shopping for life insurance coverage, there are several factors to be mindful of when it comes to how the premium rate is determined. The same will typically hold true, regardless of the type of life insurance that a person is purchasing - including burial insurance. While many people may have traditional life insurance coverage, […]

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Can Seniors Add More Life Insurance Coverage Later?

The purchase of life insurance can entail many different parameters. These may include which type of coverage is right for a person's needs, as well as which carrier may best fit with a particular insured. One of the most essential decisions when obtaining life insurance, though, is determining how much coverage to purchase. This is […]

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Can You Purchase Life Insurance On a Senior Spouse Without Them Knowing?

Many people have life insurance on the life of someone who is important to them. This is because the loss of a loved one, in addition to being emotionally devastating, can also oftentimes cause financial hardships as well. Most often, we hear about parents purchasing coverage so that their young spouse and children can go […]

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Finding Life Insurance for People in Their 80s

When considering life insurance needs, most people will automatically think about young families who are protecting income and other financial requirements of those who count on them. Once someone reaches a certain age, many people may feel that there is no longer a need for this type of coverage. Yet, the truth is that, even […]

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Finding Life Insurance for People in Their 70s

When you think about the need for life insurance, most people will typically consider those who are younger requiring protection of lost income for children and spouses, or the need to cover debts such as a mortgage balance. In fact, there are some who may feel that by the time you reach your 70s, the […]

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Finding No Exam Life Insurance for Seniors

While there are some people who will argue that seniors have no need for life insurance, the truth is that there are numerous reasons why someone who is in their 50s, 60s, and over should have this type of financial protection. First, most everyone will have some amount of final expenses. Today, the average cost […]

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Finding Life Insurance for People in Their 50s

It is a well-known fact that as a person ages, the cost of life insurance coverage will also tend to rise. There are several viable reasons for this. First, one of the primary factors in the price of life insurance coverage is a person's life expectancy - and this will become shorter as one goes […]

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Finding Life Insurance for People in Their 60s

It is fairly common knowledge that once someone gets into their 60s, the cost of purchasing life insurance can become much higher - especially as compared to those who are in their 30s and 40. One reason for this is because life insurance companies’ price their coverage based in large part on life expectancy factors […]

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How to Find Life Insurance for Pilots

For many years, those who have worked in what are thought to be "risky" types of occupations have had to pay higher premiums for their life insurance coverage. One such occupation is the airline pilot. As a pilot, you may have required specialized underwriting in order to obtain life insurance coverage. This is because, due […]

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Can You Purchase a Burial Insurance Policy For Your Parents?

While it is easy to understand why a parent of young children will purchase life insurance in order to protect income due to the loss of the breadwinner, there are many reasons why a parent or parents of older individuals should also consider carrying life insurance coverage. In fact, as an adult, the death of […]

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