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Final Expense Insurance Policies

People purchase life insurance for any number of different reasons. For some, it is to replace income, and for others it is to pay off debts. For many, however, the reason is to pay the high cost of their funeral and other related costs – and for this reason, many individuals will purchase final expense life insurance. Continue Reading

Buying Life Insurance with Bad Health

When purchasing life insurance, there are many different variables that go into consideration by the insurance company’s underwriters regarding whether or not you will qualify for the coverage. One of the biggest of these is your health. For many people, qualifying for a life insurance policy is fairly straightforward. It is simply a question of… Continue Reading

Can Seniors Add More Life Insurance Coverage Later?

The purchase of life insurance can entail many different parameters. These may include which type of coverage is right for a person’s needs, as well as which carrier may best fit with a particular insured. One of the most essential decisions when obtaining life insurance, though, is determining how much coverage to purchase. This is… Continue Reading

Finding No Exam Life Insurance for Seniors

While there are some people who will argue that seniors have no need for life insurance, the truth is that there are numerous reasons why someone who is in their 50s, 60s, and over should have this type of financial protection. First, most everyone will have some amount of final expenses. Today, the average cost… Continue Reading

How to Find Life Insurance for Pilots

For many years, those who have worked in what are thought to be “risky” types of occupations have had to pay higher premiums for their life insurance coverage. One such occupation is the airline pilot. As a pilot, you may have required specialized underwriting in order to obtain life insurance coverage. This is because, due… Continue Reading

Whole Life Insurance Policies for Seniors

Life insurance is often thought of as a financial tool for helping those who have people counting on their income to get through a financial hardship. The funds that are obtained via these policies can be set up such that a young family with children can continue to receive income, and not have to drastically… Continue Reading